About Us

I’m Andi, Love Bug’s momma. I am the primary contributor and driving force behind this site. I’ve worked in retail, banking, and child care up until this past February, when I was forced to quit my job to take care of Love Bug. I live with my husband, Chris, and one of our best friends and Love Bug’s aunt, Whitney, in a cozy neighborhood on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

For almost two full years, my daughter was as perfectly healthy as it was possible to be. Sure, she had a cold every other week – a product of attending preschool – and ear infections often enough that after her first birthday she had tubes put in. But nothing that was ever alarming or out of the ordinary in any way.

On August 21, 2016, three days shy of her 2nd birthday, she went down for a nap, business as usual, and woke up completely unable to use her right arm. We wouldn’t have any answers for almost two weeks; it was undeniably the most harrowing time of my life.

Love Bug, perhaps obviously, refers to my little girl; it’s one of the most common endearments I use. We call her paralyzed arm her “lucky” arm, after Nemo’s lucky fin in Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo, and often refer to it simply as “Lucky.”

I can tell you right now, this is not your typical parenting blog. I’m not even sure it IS a parenting blog.

My goal is to try to bring a greater understanding to our friends and family of our struggles with this extremely rare and even less heard-of condition, as well as attempt to reach out and connect with others who have children with disabilities in general, but especially those parents of children with AFM or other demyelinating diseases.